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Companies are increasingly called upon to make their protective packaging processes effective, efficient and productive. More shipments in online sales and the challenges of individualized, assorted shipments make for complex packaging mandates. Consulting and expert advice from Storopack ensures access to all the factors that can optimize the protective packaging process. At the CeMAT fair in Hall 13 at stand A12, you'll find out what Storopack's "Perfect Protective Packaging" concept can deliver.

The challenges presented by overly large shipping cartons clearly highlight the benefits that comprehensive consulting can bring. Packaging that greatly exceeds the volume of the actual packaged goods generates unproductive costs - as exemplified by the filling material that is needed and the pallet footprint. Oversize packages consume more resources than necessary and can, at times, even annoy the recipient.

An attempt to eliminate any cavity space is not enough to represent an ideal packaging solution. Most goods need cushioning and therefore, some hollow space is required as a buffer zone. Goods such as glass or electronics are easily damaged during shipping - with expensive returns being the result.

The formula that best applies is: "As small as possible, and as large as needed". But how does a company define the right dimensions for its packaging? One of the consulting services Storopack offers is to determine exactly this. Not as an isolated issue, but as part of the four value dimensions of protective packaging.

At the Storopack stand, visitors can find out everything there is to know about these so-called value dimensions. "In-the-box" identifies the ideal, effective protection in a package. "Into-the-box" finds a solution to insert the protective packaging into the package - efficiently and ergonomically. "Around-the-box" refers to the physical and - wherever possible - digital integration of the protective packaging process in intra-logistics. In this context, Storopack defines the optimal degree of automation for the customer. The "out-of-the-box" value dimension takes into account the recipient's perspective, where it's all about how the protective packaging affects the experience of unpacking and the image of the brand.


An ideally customized protective packaging solution is found at the intersection of all these value dimensions. As an example of a possible implementation, Storopack is setting up a work station with the PAPERplus® Chevron² machine system at the CeMat. The packaging material is automatically divided into portions and made available for use at an ergonomically favorable working height. The company is also presenting further innovations - with its PAPERplus® Classic² and AIRplus® GTI XL machine systems.

Even following the operational start-up of a flexible protective packaging solution, Storopack remains present for the customer with its consulting expertise. At regular intervals, the company checks whether the packaging task has changed or if there are new technologies that could achieve further improvement. The goal is to always remain as close as possible to a clearly defined ideal: "Perfect Protective Packaging". The sound advice Storopack provides ensures that the best possible solution is always available to the customer.