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Development, production and sales of loading secure systems.

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Using our systems...

You ... SAVE:

•          Storage & Production area:  The goods are stackable this allows storage space to be used efficiently.

•          Transportation costs:  transportation is made safer and less cargo space is required. Special vehicles are no longer needed. Transport costs are reduced.

•         Time: Loaded and unloading times are drastically reduced.

•          Insurance:  Using our Coil Carrier; we have seen insurance companies offer up to 50% savings.

•          Disposable packaging material:  Our system is a reusable. Disposable packaging cost is saved.

•          Material:  Your cargo is subject to the upmost standards of protection.

•          Crane and special services are no longer required

•          Turning costs:  Coils are delivered standing and do not need to be rotated.

•          Audit fees:  No TÜV approval is required. The Coil Carrier is not required to pass any acceptance tests.

Sprechen Sie uns an, CSS hat die Lösung.

Safety can be so simple!

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